Solutions Overview

All Dingosoft products for the Sage 300 platform
All Dingosoft products are developed on the Sage 300 platform (Software Development Kit) which means they are a fully integrated part of one of the worlds leading accounting software / ERP products. All of our products are are sold through the global Sage 300 Business Partner channel. Contact us to find a reseller in your area.
Ledger Manager
From USD$2,750 to USD$4,990*

Ledger Manager is the only multipurpose subledger available in the mid-market making Sage 300 the most versatile product in its class. It acts as a full subledger for any balance sheet account. Developed in the Sage 300 Software Development Kit, it is a true, fully integrated Sage 300 module with all the standard features and functionality. So get rid of all those spreadsheets and niche products because now everyone can use Sage 300.

*Up to 25 users. Contact us for pricing for more than 25 users. Plus 18% per annum maintenance. Local taxes may apply.

FRS (Financial Reporter for Sage 300/300c)

Avoid "Excel hell" with the best financial reporter ever developed. FRS is a true Sage 300/300c SDK module that has reusable row, column and data sets (similar to FRx) but also has the added functionality offered by Crystal Reports. FRS is not another Business Intelligence tool - it’s a Financial Reporter designed to print Sage 300/300c Financial Statements. That’s all it does. That’s why it does it so well. FRS will be available early 2017.

*Plus 18% per annum maintenance. Local taxes may apply.

Trust Accounting
From USD$2,750 to USD$4,990*

Trust Accounting is a Sage 300 module which meets the needs of Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Real Estate Agencies or any other profession where clients funds are held and need to be accounted for. Trust Accounting provides a comprehensive multi-user, multi-currency Trust Ledger and handles receipts, payments, transfers and adjustments. Seamless integration with Sage 300 Bank Services enables trust bank account reconciliation including importing of statements for automatic reconciliation.

*Up to 25 users. Contact us for pricing for more than 25 users. Plus 18% per annum maintenance. Local taxes may apply.

Quick EFT

Dingosoft Quick EFT is a Sage 300 common service which provides central EFT processing of payments for all Dingosoft products as well as the Sage 300 Accounts Payable module. Quick EFT works just like the check (cheque) printing service in Sage 300 except instead of printing a check, it creates an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) file for uploading to your bank. You can then print remittance advices which can be emailed to the payees.

*Plus 18% per annum maintenance. Local taxes may apply.

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a completely FREE Sage 300 common service which provides a central database of all contacts whether they be customers, vendors, sub-contractors, consultants, staff, competitors, in fact anyone at all. Loads of great features like multiple addresses with Google Maps integration, multiple email addresses with the ability to create an email at the click of a button. We even have full Skype integration allowing you to call or message a contact directly from within Sage 300.

*Yes, really free. Seriously, no catches.