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Financial Reporter Showdown! FR vs. FRS

The Sage 300 Financial Reporter (FR) has a loyal following which is not surprising as it’s actually one of the most powerful financial reporters in the market. But it also has some drawbacks, not least of which is that it doesn’t work with Sage 300c. But does Dingosoft’s FRS have what it takes to be a viable FR successor?

All of Sage 300c’s competitors in the cloud have pretty decent, fully integrated financial reporters. NetSuite’s FR is great for online viewing with tree-like drill down on screen, but from what I’ve seen, possibly not so great as far as formatting of printed/distributed reports. MS Dynamics 365’s FR is based on Microsoft Management Reporter (previously FRx) which has always been popular and is probably the best of the bunch. Acumatica has an FRx-like financial reporter, but not as powerful - especially with formatting and Sage Intacct also has a basic FRx-like financial reporter, but it seems to lack the reusable row/column/data report “building blocks” that made FRx / MMR so popular.

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We’ve Reinvented the Ledger!

So, what is Dingosoft Ledger Manager? Good question! We’re not really sure. We think it’s a “multipurpose subledger”.
Remember the old manual accounting journal and ledger books? They were just blank pages divided up into various vertical columns. They didn’t have a specific purpose – you could use them for whatever you liked. They were “multipurpose”. When accounting became computerised we developed specialised journals and ledgers – like accounts receivable and inventory. These subledgers are great at what they do, but there are only a handful of them. What if you wanted a subledger for some other balance sheet account?

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Mr. Ronald Black Lives Here…

Mr. Ronald Black has been a loyal Sage 300 ERP Sample Company Inc. customer for a long time – certainly since the ACCPAC Plus days if not before. But did you know that all this time Mr. Black has been living in a very nice 6 bedroom / 3 bathroom spanish style home with huge back yard with a four car carport?
Neither did I until the other day when I was testing a new feature in the 2014 version of the Dingosoft Contact Manager product which provides Google Maps integration for the main customer and vendor addresses in A/R and A/P. (Previously Google Maps integration was only available for “contacts” addresses).

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