Avoid "Excel hell" with this Financial Reporter developed entirely in the Sage 300/300c SDK

With this FR you won’t have “Excel hell” as it’s fully developed in the Sage 300 SDK. No external programs required whatsoever. Similar to FRx, it has reusable row, column and data sets, so if you have for example a number of reports all using the same rows and you need to make a change, you only have to make the change in the one row set. But FRS actually goes further. One of the main complaints with FRx was its lack of formatting ability. FRx prints directly to the printer, so you can’t do things like add a company logo to the report. FRS on the other hand has standard Sage 300 reports that use Crystal, so you can add logo’s or do whatever other formatting you like in the Crystal Reports designer. Not to mention adding other tables, graphs or basically make use of any of Crystal’s other functionality. The Crystal reports are simple and easy to work with. FRS does all the heavy processing in Sage 300 and puts all the figures into its own sequential table for Crystal to simply print out.

Not just another Business Intelligence tool

FRS is not another Business Intelligence tool - it’s a Financial Reporter designed to print Sage 300 Financial Statements. That’s all it does. That’s why it does it so well. FRS is a standard Sage 300 module. Just download and run the install.exe from our website (when available) go into Admin Services / Data Activation to activate it and then you can go and print any of the standard financial reports which work with ANY data set that has account groups set up (any account groups that is), or start developing your own reports. Or start converting your Sage 300 FR reports to FRS!


Easy Transition from Sage 300 FR

FRS is sort of like taking the Sage 300 FR and turning it into an FRx-like product and then adding the power of Crystal. If you have been using the Sage 300 FR, you will find using FRS a breeze. Not only does it use standard Sage 300 screens – it has all the familiar Sage 300 FR functionality. Yes – FRS columns have FRAMT, FRAMTA, FRDEBIT etc. and all the standard fields like BALY, BALYTD, NET#P, NETPY#PA etc. Rows have a powerful selection UI which has all the functionality of Sage300 FR, but in a nice point and click user interface – no more cryptic account references crammed into a single spreadsheet cell.


Find Out More

FRS has all the standard Sage 300 and Crystal reporting functionality such as working with VBA macros and changing the print destination. Contact us to find out if FRS is right for you.


USD$1,500. Plus 18% per annum Maintenance.

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