Organise and track your contacts like never before

Dingosoft Contact Manager is a completely FREE Sage 300 module which provides a central database of all contacts whether they be customers, vendors, sub-contractors, consultants, staff, competitors, in fact anyone at all. Contact Manager also proviides true many-to-many linking of contacts with Customers, Vendors, Ledger Manager Account Holders or Trust Accounts. This means that not only can each customer have multiple contacts, but each contact can be linked to multiple customers.

Powerful features and functionality

Loads of great features like multiple addresses with Google Maps integration, multiple email addresses with the ability to create an email at the click of a button. We even have full Skype integration allowing you to call or message a contact directly from within Sage 300. Plus all the standard Sage 300 features and functionality like optional fields, VBA macros, comprehensive reporting, printing/emailing of letters.

Contact Manager

No integration hassles

A true Sage 300 Contact Management module developed on the Sage 300 platform (SDK). This gives you the benefit of having a single sign-on, single database and consistent look and feel. It also means no integration hassles because Contact Manager is not a separate add-on module. It also means much less support and training as you have one application to support / learn instead of two.

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Contact your Sage 300 business partner to find out how to get your free copy of Contact Manager installed and activated in your Sage 300 system.


Free for all licensed Sage 300 users.

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